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Give Space


Do Bike Cyclist  belong on the Road?


    I don’t think this is going to score points with a few of you, but hear me out first! I  don’t feel bicyclist belong on our streets for several reasons, they are not compatible with vehicles because, they don’t use enough of our fossil fuels. Aren’t they aware of our total dependency on oil products and how our wealthiest corporations depend on us to use it not only for transportation, but for recreation, lawn care. Hell it’s got so many uses, I can’t think of anything that isn’t using a fossil fuel, except one in mind, Bikes!
     Here we are in American struggling with an economy that is stalled and needs everyones participation to get it up and running like before. Then I see these bicyclist on our roads riding for free, not helping the huge corporations get their needed profits and I think to myself, we need to tax the hell out of ’em’!  But there’s no way to tax them enough to justify their existence on the roads we use with ALL of our fossil fuel using vehicles, because there isn’t enough of them.
   Another reason is, they are so distracting! Have you ever seen the asses on those bike riders, I mean the bodies of those bicyclist are worrisome to me. They’re too  damn svelte for their own good, and they know it. Realistically,  it’s very un-American too. They know the trends we are setting here for common calorie counts, higher than it’s ever been before and no other country comes close to our record breaking accomplishments! Someone on a bike, so different looking, it could cause a gosh darn accident!
 When we get back on our feet with the new economy that many feel will be led by the Right, we need to consider how dangerous it will be to have bicyclist on the road. In our near not too distant future I’m imagining a vehicle,  way larger than my current full size Hummer hammering down the road, doing the All-American  thing, fuel using, and here comes one of those free wheeling cute little bicyclist, weaving in and out of traffic like they knew what they were doing and……..CRASH!!!
  Yep, that sexy looking chick on a bike distracted me in my new Hummer and I hit a dang tree!
Now she’s giving me the nasty looks?  Go figure
Makes my blood boil!!
I really think we need more bike lanes and more driver’s education, let alone good old fashion tolerance . We have to remind ourselves there are cyclist on the road.
It’s difficult to see them when we’re in our “hurry up mode”, But it’s better to double check before merging,turning or any maneuver.
The possibility of hitting one, would change two lives,



Decisions of a Teenager

I have nothing but respect for the men and women who serve in the armed forces, regardless of the war. There have  have been many times when I wished that I had done something different, but I can’t turn back the clock. To quote a very influential philosopher from our era, “It is what it is”.

   Growing up in the 60’s a young man could not ignore the war in Viet Nam, how could anyone, it was on B&W TV every night. Thank God it wasn’t in color, but the fear and horror it put in you was impossible to shake. As I entered into my teen years and being influenced by the hippie movement, it only seemed natural to be against the war. By the time I had reached 15 my ear was leaning always in the direction of anti-war discussions and participated in the marches against it. I got to go to a SDS (Student  for a Democratic Society) meeting with a classmate, under the guise of something more innocent to our parents. Unfortunately they  (our parents) communicated with each other and I was accosted when I came in the front door, all the literature was confiscated and burned in the fireplace. My dad was a ex-Marine, he had no time for me back then and especially shit like that,  plain pissed him off!!
   In Yakima in the late 60’s on North 7th ave. ( I think) was “The Open Door”, a drug, draft and vocational counseling center, sounds pretty high- falootin, for an old house filled with hippies, but it was a great place to get info in perilous times. And living in a place where alternative ideas were not common, it felt like you had left it all behind. Soon after  I began scheming up an idea of trying to run away to Canada with a classmate who was a dual citizen from there. Being only 15 required more organization than I possessed, but the gears were turning. Walking back and forth from the guys home I spotted the get-a-way car! There it was, in all it’s glory, a 1953 Austin of England, very similar to a miniature Bonny and Clyde car, with the rumble seat protrusion in the rear, turn signals in the side of the car that extended out and blinked when turning a corner. It was a very cool car! Price $35.00! Sold! I had the money and bought it the next day.
   Being a poor sleeper afforded  me extra scheming time, so I schemed and remembered that Sidnie and Lauri  pastured horses not far from where the car was. me not knowing how to drive yet,  let alone something with a manual transmission, I had to talk them into allowing me to store the vehicle in their pasture and to also get Sidnie to get it there. They agreed! I was set. That day I was downtown with a friend when on the way back I see my car over on the side of T.H. Drive Drive. I get out and look in the car and it’s  Barrie  with Lauri and Sidnie, the car had broken down and they had a ride coming to take them to parts unknown. I was crushed.
    While sitting at home trying to figure out what to do, being of limited means, then the phone rings and my mom all of a sudden asks me, “You bought a car?” This lady wants to talk with you”, I get on the phone and the lady I bought the car from tells me she saw the car on the side of the road and told me she felt bad and was willing to give me my money back and she would just have the car hauled to the wrecking yard, I took the offer. Then lied through my teeth about the whole thing. Time for plan “B” I guess?
    Having done the minimum of growing up and also being immature, as you well know, I struggled through the next 2 1/2 years, but it did solidify my stance on being a part of the anti-war effort. My newest scheme was to become a CO, “conscientious objectoræ, I wouldn’t fight or kill another person,  something I have had to realize later on that I would, if it was to defend someone I cared about. Throughout all of this, there was a strong feeling that I was a coward, never has gone away either. By the time I was 18 I received my CO status and by June 25th I was married of all things! While getting married at a young age and with all of it’s pressures to make a living or at least squeak by, I never forgot about the war going on. After having a couple short lived jobs after getting married, both Joan and I became teacher’s aides. We never talked much about having jobs before we got married and didn’t bother to look until after,  those were the days!
    Having a friend who was serving a 2 year alternative service stint as part of being a “CO”, I had a pretty good idea that being a CO was like the equivalent of “scum of the earth”. He blazed trails in an area to become a park, it was not a fun job, living in barracks and he was not a happy camper, Myself being recently married began to think, I remembered the Barrie  guy in the Austin of England. He was also someone i grew up with until 4th grade started. I found out that he had gone in for induction to the army and answered all the questions wrong in the mental test as well as acted as looney as possible through the whole process, at least that’s what I had heard, it sounded good to me!
   While working in the Franklin JR. High Library as a teacher’s aide one of the more challenging parts of the job was to put the different newspapers onto the bamboo rods. I enjoyed that part till a day early that year when I looked on the front page. There listed were the lottery/draft date numbers, mine was there in all it’s splendor, March 6th, 1953—–#1. what the #@&**@??!!!, I had to do a double take, this can’t be, but it was. Shortly after that I received my letter, I was sick, it was notifying me I was being drafted. It gave me the time and date for the physical in Seattle on Admiral Way. It was time for more scheming and it had to be good!
    That day came faster than I wanted, but in the meantime I had gotten down to 112 pounds, below the minimum weight for my height according to military standards, I was loaded for bear now!  Joan and I made our trek to Seattle the day before, spent the night getting as stoned as possible, hoping to look as burned out as possible, all for one purpose, I am not what they are looking for! The appointment time for me and all the other guys being inducted was 7am, I was there early and met a wild looking young man who schemed like I had, but came up with possibly a better idea? He had burned in to the side of his saluting hand, FUCK YOU, it looked like a mess, but maybe he knew something I didn’t?
   The mental test was a breeze, trying to answer as many wrong as possible, I think I did a good job, but myself and about 15 guys were all called out by name and told to follow a serviceman down a long hallway, I was getting nervous for sure. The serviceman yelled out “You guys with a letter from your doctor wait over here, the rest of you strip down to your shorts and line up behind the scale!”.
    While scheming and thinking of any possible thing, I went to my doctor in Yakima that treated me for allergies when I was 6-12 years old, I asked for a letter stating that information,which they did. I waited with the letter, thinking about the guys down to their shorts and wondered, where will all of this take me? I was called  into an office with another serviceman who looked more important than the other one. He stamped my letter without really giving it much of a look and said “Get the hell out of here!”, I was stunned, looking just as stoned and confused as I had trained myself,  he said to me “IF you don’t like it, I can change it real quick!”. I made for the door as fast as I could and out of the building!!
They wanted a few good men and damn, I wasn’t one of  them!!
  I was given a 4-F classification, unfit for military service.
 I was fortunate that the war was winding down because had it been a few years earlier, the excuses I used would have never had held up.
There’s some shame and some relief.



Pug Head Tilt

My daughter’s favorite Youtube pug video!.


Four-Footed Misery

Hope you never have gone through this, and I hope I never do again……

   Way back when the scare of Y2K was abounding throughout every doomsday believers world, just after Prince prompted us to party like it was 1999, I decided to take a 30″” x 21′ swath out of our family room downstairs, and then create a storage center for all the kinds of stuff/junk we humans love to save. All neatly hidden with bifold doors, three 5′ ones and one 3′. My wife quickly got the stuff out of the garage as well as every nook and cranny we might have stuffed these treasures in, to give them all another shot at life before the ultimate trip to the Goodwill, we don’t do garage sales anymore.
After purchasing the material, doing the needed layout, I was ready to don my nail-bags (some would call me a carpenter) and ready to frame up the wall that would free us at least in mind, from our inability to throw stuff away long after it had given all it could give. With the first 2×4 I started to nail to the wall I heard the weirdest sound, I thought cinders were drifting from the top to the bottom each time I hammered a nail home. Being somewhat of a thick skulled kind of guy, I ignored it and continued to build my wall up, I had work to do!!
After completing most of the wall, I was still intrigued with that sound, I continued to go over to that wall and hammer on the stud I had nailed and listened  to that weird sound, I finally figured it out, BEES!!    YEP,I went outside and now understanding a small about trees and bees I realized they had burrowed through the siding and made themselves a very cozy home, must have been hundreds of the little guys. This isn’t even what I’m hoping to write about, it just happened along the way!
    Now having our new storage area complete and quickly filling up with  Christmas stuff, Halloween stuff and lots of just plain old stuff, we could direct ourselves to the task really at hand, Y2K! I know we are  a few months  away from it, but all the more urgent to get with it and be prepared for the possible meltdown of our societies taken for granted, Abundance. To think of possibly having to go without anything, well, i think it’s downright un-American,  right? Damn straight!
    In our humble home lives one beautiful cat named, Mooty and one fine specimen of a Boston Terrier named, Paige. There’s ample room in the Y2K storage  closet to store their needed food, just in case, you understand! We were set like flint, ready for it all?
  Our home was built in the 60’s, and being a contractor and familiar with the tales of how our  forefathers built anything like no other could think of. I’ve heard the saying,”they sure don’t build them like they used to”, I have one thing to say about that. I’m glad of it too! Whoever the knuckleheads were that built our home went stupid when it came to putting fire=blocking over the wall of the garage that separate it from the house. It’s typically solid wood blocking, mandatory in all building practices, but not ours, not in 1960- whatever, you sense my frustration?
   Having pet food sacks, cardboard containers of Chicken broth, bags of flour, basically you can name just about anything a dirty stinkin’ varmint has the ability to get into and did! I am not experienced with RATS, only mice and had no problem taking care of them, it was a short-lived inconvenience. I immediately went and got some traps, then some poison, then more traps. I was catching  them, but it seemed like they were bringing in more replacements. I then remembered something our mechanic told me, Prestone antifreeze works wonders, but first I need to nail up some solid blocking to stop these critters from getting in the house!
   The bad part of blocking in the firewall is that with the possibility of  rats in the house, you’re trapping them inside, Yep!! We heard them at night running either overhead or on the ductwork underneath us. We found droppings downstairs, everywhere near their passageway to the Y2K storage, even though it had been emptied. Did I mention that they were large? They were, and some were small, damn,they were making stinkin’ babies!!
   We had a small/short getaway planned ahead and Lord knows we needed it from trying to work and  then come back home and work again, I guess there is a reason there are Pest companies out there, duh? When we got back home, surprise!, they had found a way up through the floor where I didn’t seal up the subfloor where the dishwater sits when we remodeled, those buggers fit through small spaces too! After they had increased the hole for the plastic drain pipe that hooks to the kitchen sink drain, then they found a plastic two drawer container that we kept Paige’s hardfood in, they broke in the back side, UNBELIEVABLE!!   I had to remove the dishwasher and fill in the space, ?@!%$!!?*&!!!
   Finally things started to pay dividends, no more rats inside and the Prestone left in a couple small dishes on the top shelf of the garage, were doing the trick! I eventually had a plastic enclosed diner for them outside,no return customers with that place!
   It was Hell, but we conquered it!



Oh Those Crows

 I’d like to give my thoughts on the overabundance of crows we have in the Seattle area. I know they’re birds and deserve their place, but what the Hell is going on? First I’ll give you some info on them, then blast away!


                Crows are large passerine birds that form the genus Corvus in the family Corvidae. Ranging in size from the relatively small pigeon-size jackdaws (Eurasian and Daurian) to the Common Raven of the Holarctic region and Thick-billed Raven of the highlands of Ethiopia, the 40 or so members of this genus occur on all temperate continents (except South America) and several offshore and oceanic islands (including Hawaii). In the United States and Canada, the word “crow” is used to refer to the American Crow.[citation needed]

The crow genus makes up a third of the species in the Corvidae family. Other corvids includerooks and jays. Crows appear to have evolved in Asia from the corvid stock, which had evolved in Australia. A group of crows is called a flock or a murder.[1]

Recent research has found some crow species capable not only of tool use but of tool construction as well.[2] Crows are now considered to be among the world’s most intelligent animals.[3] The Jackdaw and (along with its fellow corvid, the European Magpie) has been found to have a neostriatum approximately the same relative size as is found in chimpanzees and humans, and significantly larger than is found in the gibbon.[4]


*Well all of that is very interesting, the key thing i noticed is they are very smart, so smart they seemed to have chased away other kinds of birds from around where I have lived for the past 14 years. I have no scientific proof, if that’s what you’re hoping to hear, but it’s been a gradual kind of thing.



Robins are one that have diminished in numbers, but the most noticeable are the Bluejays, I haven’t seen one this year and saw  only one or two last year. Why you might wonder?  I do too and I still wonder, and would like to get to the bottom of this. They both have similar caws, a bit annoying at times, but the Jay is more pleasing to the sight. The Bluejays don’t do the “ugly” all over your car, your windshield or your whatever. It’s disgusting!

I am aware that Crows seem to not have much fear of humans or any other bird their size or smaller either. They are definitely  well fed, sure wish the neighbors would keep their lid on their garbage. Those things can make a pure mess while foraging for food in a trash receptacle, Yikes!

Well I hope this might help us understand why the population explosion of crows is happening. In fact it’s more common in the Pacific NW than anywhere else in the States, I might be embellishing that a bit, but it’s more dramatic that way. The cause is general urbanization, yep, while the rich keep getting richer, we keep having babies. We are actually feeding into the crows plan. Remember they are very intelligent!

From studies of crows and all of there breeding, bird people (that’s a technical term) have studied the nests. Crows  have more invertebrates and small invertebrates in their nests than any other bird in our area, not to mention they found our junk in them too! The disappearance or smaller number of the Bluejays I think can be partially explained by the fact that even though both are human commensals,that means they depend on you and I for their food sources, the crows are beating the others to it. For all I know they are robbing the Jays nests and eating their eggs or young. Downright  cannibals they could be.

But the crows do some good things too;

[A crow family can eat 40,000 grubs, caterpillars, army worms, and other insects in one nesting season. That’s a lot of insects many gardeners and farmers consider pests. These good environmental citizens also transport and store seeds, thus contributing to forest renewal. And their habit of eating carrion makes them part of nature’s cleanup crew.]

My friend Wiki wrote that for me, he knows way more about this than I ever wanted to!

So just get used to them, they’re going to hang close to wherever we and the grubs are. Get prepared for wearing gloves when you go out to start your car and possibly doing the car wash more often.

They aren’t so bad after all, but I sure miss seeing the Bluejays around here. Oh well, that’s survival of the fittest