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Is God Smiling on Us?

I do believe God is. Let me start off by saying that I may use Him or He for God, but quite honestly I don’t think God has a sexual persuasion, Let’s face it folks, God created us both. We all will have to face our own mortality, sooner or later, but it can come as a total surprise, WHAM!!

Regardless, it’s a fact each one of us is going to see the other side, so why not have a discussion about it? I must admit I think about it and I’m not scared or concerned, but not unlike climbing aboard a very scary ride at the fair, Anticipation, yep, there’s a ton!

But let’s ease the seat back and climb aboard! Most of us try our best to be good pilgrims, care about our fellow man and give what we can to those in real need. Is it enough? Do we need to say special prayers? Do we need to belong to a religious organization? All valid questions, to be sure.

I think having an openness to looking inside yourself would be a great starting point. You’re aware you have an inner voice that you and your mind uses all the time. My thought is it’s the more spiritual side of all of us.  I suggest exercising that inner voice and reach out into the unknown and see what happens!

The plain and simple of it is God, the creator of all things is on our side! He was alone in this giant universe and beyond and wanted our company. It’s a warm fuzzy feeling to be wanted. He also became one of us and walked on our very own earth a long time ago. Yep, Jesus Christ is his name.


Get to know Him!!!.