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Wanna Dance?

This is an invitation to a new dance step you may  never have heard of, DROP-FOOT or the FOOT-DROP! Not everyone can perform it, though many have tried. You may resemble an alcoholic at first, but other’s will quickly look away out of courtesy, maybe sympathy?  Once down, you will be one “Bad Mama Jama”!!


Seriously speaking as hard as that might be for me, the condition is not a disease, but more a result of something several different  diseases can cause or possibly a stroke. The disease I have happens to be MS, (Multiple Sclerosis), where I have this  mean hungry bug in me that craves something I’d like to keep. It likes to flat out attack the coating on my nerves. It doesn’t matter where they are, it will send reinforcements to just about anywhere the nerves are living in Peace.File:MS Demyelinisation CD68 10xv2.jpg


The process that this pest glorifies his action with is called demyelinization, I know it sounds pretty high-falootin, but quite simple. Our nerves are typically protected by a myelin sheath, very similar to the protective  coating on the wiring in your home. Also quite similar is the short that might happen when two live wire cross, but in the human system this process can cause any number to unfortunate  experiences that can last a life-time or be temporary.


While I have other symptoms of my particular disease and surely more to come as the disease’s nature is progressive in nature, but I do shoot up a medicine that is believed to slow that down. They don’t know why the med works, but I’m hoping  it does!


Now get on that Dance Floor!  It’s Use it or Lose it!!.