Are Barking Dogs a Problem?

I prefer to be just as tolerant and law-abiding as the next person, but there comes a time when being law abiding and tolerant just plain doesn’t cut it. I love dogs and neighbors, just about equally and I hate barking dogs and neighbors who own barking dogs, just about the same. Hate might be a bit harsh because I love dogs and my neighbors, but since there seems to be some parity in these equations, a simple answer should be available?

    I’ve spoke to both neighbors twice and my wife has done the same, we’ve even notched it back a generation and I’ve spoken to  her dad, hoping he might be able to talk his time-earned wisdom into the situation, each time to no avail. I have noticed a temp dog-muzzle, but it soon disappeared and we were back to the inevitable barking.
   The toughest part of this to my way of  thinking, at least once I’ve cooled down is,  that the animal is absolutely innocent and the owner is guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt. So do I pick up the weapon/temper and go and give them a piece of my mind or try and think of some other way to solve what has become the never-ending problem?
    In life we have many crossroads and this appears to be one for me. Why is this barking such a issue for me? I can see one reason, I’m home too much, if I did a better job of occupying myself with things to do outside of the home, I might not notice the large dog next door barking his damn fool head off. Oh My, I must be running down on my medications, excuse me for a minute.
  Ok, back, I do notice that my neighbors both are gone from early in the morning until early evening, they are able to miss the whole thing. I do notice that sometimes it takes very little to set me off and I become awfully close to getting down right nasty to not just my wife, my daughter, the lady at the grocery store last week, that crazy guy cutting in front of my car yesterday, the kids playing loudly outside when I was trying to read, the person way up the street running his power-washer on a Saturday morning, those stupid birds singing so early this morning, the guy who I just hung up on the phone to.
   Hmmm, Don’t tell me I’m part of the solution?

Common reasons why dogs bark:




  • Lack of exercise
  • Inadequate yard space
  • Boredom/frustration
  • Not enough human companionship/loneliness
  • Inadequate shelter from weather conditions
  • Hungry or thirsty
  • Medical conditions or separation anxiety
  • Provocation
  • Disturbances
  • Change to family structure
  • Change of territory
    While I am trying to make a valid point, I also see myself as having a responsibility to not over- react to whatever comes my way. Step back from the issue, compose myself and try and talk in a reasonable respectful way. Sometimes when done, a fair outcome may result.