Face Lift!

What kind of face can we use to represent our lives? Is it one of disease, fortune, unhappiness, faithfulness or sadness? I know there are so many facsimiles of the faces we could all wear given the experiences of our adventure called living, but how we wear that experience affects our health, our relationships with others as well as it can make us hard to be around, or pure joy to be with!

Tragedy and sadness get involved in each one of our lives, you could say those two brutes are no respecter of persons. If you live long enough you will get to know some of them as well as the gang they hang out with. Our choice is to either mask ourselves in some fictitious persona  or try and be real about what we’re dealing with. Insert friends here! Even the most solitary one of us should not go through tough times alone.

Another thing we can do is, DO BATTLE!  The Beastie Boys have a battle cry song, Fight for your Right. I know it’s a Party Cry, but deep things come out of the consciousness of young performers. It’s that attitude that can help us get over the experience or bad news we received.

One way to take the Battle to the Streets is, do a kindness to another, anyone, especially someone possibly in more need of cheering up than yourself! We can all perfect the pity party when necessary, but taking our eyes off ourselves and  planting a nice big good deed on an unsuspecting bystander can have enormous side effects on us!

We might notice a slight smile breaking out on our face, maybe a little warm fuzzy taking up residence in a cavern of despair. Throw open the windows in there and let your own acts of selflessness not only change the way you feel, but put a new look on the home you reside in, YOU!


Loneliness could be one of the gangs biggest Banchos, a very delinquent one at that. It requires tons of attention, but gives nothing back in return!

We need each other in this life! A key reason we are here is to care for one another. Try the good medicine of compassion for others and you’ll soon find there are so many hurt and needy new friends out there hoping for you to take notice and just do one thing,