Let’s get that “Sphincter” into Shape!

I can only imagine what you might think, What is Shimjockey going to surprise me with now? Well for starters this is all PG rated and concerns both men and women, but if I knew then what I know now, I would have been working out a long time ago! There are many kinds of “Sphincter” muscles, and please scrunch up your nose and kind of put an “X” in the word “Sphincter”. A hint of a nasal tone will help you get the hang of it!   Thanks!

Now we’re not the only ones to have that kind of muscle, many mammals have it, consider the whales “Blow-Hole” for instance, but for the sake of trying to stay focused we’ll concentrate  on humans. Within the human body there are over 5o kinds of “Sphincter” muscles, in our throat, our eyes, our hearts and so many other places, I’d rather just take them for granted. The “Sphincter” muscle I’m hoping to get to, dwells in our pelvic floor, you could say it’s darn close to your ass!

That’s where we want to go, and each individual needs to take this seriously too! As we age we notice how lazy our muscles tend to get, especially if we don’t use them. Now the women in the room might notice that their “Sphincter” muscles need some toning up when they pee their pants while coughing or laughing too much. I must reiterate here the need to pronounce it the way I shared with you to give the importance of it all  the more zest!  Women are not the only ones to have that happen either!

As I found out this last year most men are prone to develop prostate problems when given the appropriate time. I did and after a simple physical, I had an elevated PSA level after blood work was done. The long and short of it was, I had prostate cancer and eventually had surgery to remove the gland. That was just over a month ago, so this working out is pretty important to me if I ever want to switch from these “Gentlemen Greys”  back into my normal underwear. You could say I’m working up a sweat!

Those muscles, yes, the “Sphincter”  also can enhance one’s sexual life, but this is Disney, so do your own research on that one, They also give us the ability to be polite and not fart in public as well as not fill our pants like a baby might like to. So you can see that the time to start exercising was way back when for some of us, but no better time then the present to get started! Now we’ve all heard that in real estate the most important thing when trying to sell is, LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! The same applies to us being able to exercise the right muscle, You’ve got to find it!   Now   here you can either have an assistant help you, or I’d think you might want to be a Solo Ranger” on this, but suit yourself!

One way is to build up a generous sized bladder of your favorite beverage, make the trip to the toilet, proceed to let it go, but STOP! That muscle, if you were able to stop it, is your… What do we call it?…. Amen! The “Sphincter” muscle (Applaud!!), Good job! Another way to locate it and this is where your assistant comes in or maybe just put on a  surgical glove if not, Place a finger up your ass and pinch! Yep, That’s the “Sphincter”!!

Now lets get to the exercises once you’re all clean and suited up. That pinching effort needs to be repeated and repeated, let’s just say for the rest of your Life! There are a few different trains of thought on this too. One is the “Rapid Pinching”, say roll off 10 or more and relax, then repeat as often as you wish. Another one is the old “Pinch and Hold” for 10-15 seconds. You can do it in the privacy of your own home, in your car or sitting on the couch. Let’s face it, You can do it anywhere you like. I would suggest that you refrain from making facial gestures while doing the exercisess unless you are brushing your teeth.


If you get confused and can’t find your “Sphincter” muscles, No Fear! Refer to the above test!



Now, Let’s get that “Sphincter” into Shape!