Let’s start with just a little history to get our feet wet here. In the old days people would put cloth over an injured part of the body to make it better by keeping the spirit in and prevent the pain from spreading to another part of the body. You think about that for a second or two!

Fast forward a bit further, in my mother’s day a string was tied around your finger to keep the “thought” alive until it was needed for you to remember.

Another belief is called “rubyrikki”, the concept of a string around the index  finger is for luck. Regardless, I know that at some time in our lives each one of us forgets something. Forgetting to do what is right or just forgetting to take out the garbage, we can all use a reminder about those things.

Some of you have busy lives and find it tough to remember all the things you need to get done; pick up the stuff from the dry cleaners, don’t forget to get the car serviced, my nails need paint and don’t forget to pick up the kids,  Oh My!

My hats off to those of you with such busy lives. I have issues that some men and possibly a lady or two deal with every stinking day of their lives. For right now I’ll try and deal with my issues and then I’ll let you come in to my party later.

I know I’m a bit slow on things and I also know it takes me a long time to learn a lesson in life. Why, you might ask? Damn good question, glad you asked! I think it has to do with not paying attention to “the little things” in life for one. For instance the queerish look I get from my wife when I’m doing something I know I shouldn’t, or that all too common aggravated look from her and others when I’m doing something very stupid. A little message is being sent, why don’t………. I  GET IT?

I can’t help but think I need to be reminded way too often concerning things that have plagued me most of my adult life, most likely way earlier. I need to actively impress upon myself the need to change my ways. In those”good old days” it was an accepted practice to tie a small string around a finger, maybe two?  I know it would look silly, but someone low on the uptake,  has to start from 

It won’t make any fashion statement to go around with some stupid string around a few fingers either. I know, I know, one or two has now grown to a few, How stupid is this guy you might wonder? Well I’m not as sharp as I thought I was, to be sure, but I think I’m onto something big here, so quit picking on me!

If I start off my day with, yes, multiple reminders like; before getting on the road in “My Car”, remember that you are not the only vehicle on the road. Yes, someone will get behind you impatiently following too close or will cut in front of you, may honk their horn, might even use one of those finger gestures,, Good grief!

I think you get the picture, once in a vehicle so many things can happen that will piss us off. Well, move onto the waiting line for your first cup of whatever, they’re slow, they’re talking with the customer too much, on and on it can go and I’m starting to    –   STOP!    Take a good look at myself and how I’m acting. What’s the ultimate reminder? I am not the “only person” on planet Earth. Another one is:.   Get over Thyself!  Yep, it’s scripture!

Our time on earth is relatively short when you stop and consider how it all typically works out. Is getting our panties in a bunch over the drillions of scenarios worth all the energy and drama? I’m including you in this picture too, unless you’ve reached enlightenment or nirvana recently, you’re in the mix. You might be  miles past my present state, but I’m sure you might need a string on a finger or two or more?

The great thing about this concept is, first you will humble yourself with the strings. Lord knows we don’t like to look stupid. Second and this is important because it takes longer for some of us (me) to GET IT,  Once you get things implemented in your daily life, lose the string and give yourself Kudos! That earlier behavior is now in the past, history, finito!


I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling better already and I haven’t done squat yet!




“Love all, Trust a few, Do Wrong to None”~William Shakespeare