Stripped & Cleaned

Do you ever think about what our “World” would be like if we were  relieved of all our baggage, then thrown in together to work side by side on some important project? Forget about your wealth or poverty, your high standing in the community or your seemingly unimportant status. Kick out all of the sexual labels, gay or transexual, permissive or even uninterested in the struggle. Put aside prejudices of all kinds!

Now, Jump into the Pool of Humanity!


Without our secured identities we would all look, Oh so similar. I’m talking about “Getting Down” to the basics of life! We definitely need one another. No doubt we would end up depending upon each other, if for nothing else, Companionship!

Yep, we were meant to be……. Together!


When put together, stripped of our titles, successes or lack thereof, our possessions, you know, the junk we like to collect, We will begin to look on one another with a new set of eyes! Did I say throw out all religions? Oh, Dear No! Yes that stuff has got to go, but once we’re aware of what the real deal is all about, we’ll be able to relax! Seriously it will be as dust, once all the clouds clear in our minds. The upside is the “Freedom” we will have to start relating to each other on a much higher plane.

We will begin to actually start, Caring!


When we Care, we experience “Love”,  in a new and special way! Apart from attraction, we will witness our spirits uniting with each one we are involved with. Not looking to gain something from one another, but finding ways to comfort and possibly ease the load from someone with the scars from their earlier time.

This is beginning to sound like a spiritual…Journey!


You got it! We all will eventually be at that Intersection of Life, but there is no other alternative direction, only speed limits.We will be with so many others in the same place, but from so many different “Time Zones” as well as Backgrounds and Starting Points. If you haven’t noticed, it’s a pretty big world out there, which has been home to, Hmm, should I even guess at the population of humanity up to date?

Nah, Let’s leave that for the Others to figure out!



But it’s Big, in both ways, take my word for it!  The sooner we find out our similarities and start putting aside our differences, we will be able to proceed at a leisurely pace, and it’s worth the sacrifice to shed some of the lofty ideas we have allowed to come into our house and slant the way we look at one another. That stuff is slowing us down,

Big Time!

Now back to Religion! There are plenty of them and we all made it happen! I’m speaking collectively as a Human Race here. If you remember the mass of the human race to date, Hmm, I’m still waiting for the numbers, but if you take a little peek at the world map as we know it today, you can see how it all came about. Then consider how we all seem to have our own wiring scheme in our heads that dictates to us what makes sense and what seems eschewed.

It’s no wonder we’re in the predicament we’re in!


So what’s the Solution? Maybe it’s a multitude of them, but I think it starts with Us, In this pool! You might be treading water next to one of the earliest inhabitants on Earth who somehow is able to speak your language now. He is tickled pink to meet us, not hung up on the semantics, but more! He’s just plain Happy to have our……Company!


We are  Definitely a Lucky and ……….

Strange Brew!.